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Templeton Global small companies A

I have gone to google and determined that MUTF_CA:TML694 is the mutual fund that corresponds to a mutual fund in my portfolio. There are many versions of this mutual fund name, but that one has the price and price history that matches what i own. Looking at it in google finance, it appears the historic data is not set up to extract the data from google, so i put it under googleweb in my psconfig file. However, i get a red shadow over it in my transaction table....suggesting that it does not like that code. Can someone tell me if i am doing this correctly for that symbol?


  • Hi,

    You have to add that symbol to "Symbol" table.

    1. In Google web you add MUTF_CA:TML694
    2. In Symbol table you add MUTF_CA:TML694
    3. In Symbol alias table you can add TML694 to point to MUTF_CA:TML694

    Then in transactions table you can either use symbol MUTF_CA:TML694 or TML694
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