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Investing strategies support?

Hi I'm brand new here, just thinking about how I can use Portfolio Slicer to manage/track my investments. Have read most of the doc and watched the videos, but I have a question that I haven't found the answer to so hoping someone can help.

I have multiple accounts (His-RSP, His-non_RSP, Her-RSP, etc) and I have both CAD and USD versions for each. But I also use different investing strategies within those accounts (DivGrowth, multiple Tactical Asset Allocation strategies, etc). I'm wondering how I would set up PS so that i can track the performance of the various investment strategies as well as the performance of the different accounts. I'm not sure if the terms I'm using here match PS terminology but hopefully you understand what i'm asking. Appreciate any help.



  • Hi Brent,

    Account table has generic fields "Account Group1", "Account Group2" and "Account Group3". These fields are there so you could group your account any way you want.
    So in your case I would use "Account Group1" and populate that field with different strategy, example: "DivGrowth", "Div", TacticalAlloc".
    Then you would need to:
    1. For existing worksheets add "Account Group1" as slicer: Insert->Slicer->Account table, "Account Group1"
    2. Add more reports that would compare how your account groups perform over time.

  • Thanks Vidas. Sounds like what i need...i will give it a try. Appreciate your help. And thanks very much for making this tool available to us.
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