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transferring cash?


Can cash (* Cash) be transferred from one account to another? I have tried it without success... Using SymbolTransferOut with "* Cash" doesn't lower the available balance... I'm trying to transfer cash between registered accounts, so would rather not see matching withdrawal and deposit transactions i.e. nothing has been withdrawn or deposited, just cash moved from one RRSP account to another.



  • Hi Dave,

    For cash transfer you have just option of doing "Withdraw" and then "Deposit". You cannot do SymbolTansferOut for symbol "* Cash".
    With Withdraw/Deposit option your total deposits amount will not change, but for each account you will see cash movement. There is no other option.
    For transfers between accounts when there is currency change, you should also specify ExchRateRpt1Override so your Deposit and Withdraw amount matches exactly to the cent.
  • Hi Vidas

    Thanks for the answer... that's what I figured. I guess it would be nice to be able to do a SymbolTransferOut with cash to avoid getting deposits and withdrawals showing up in the reports when one was just transferring equities & cash from one registered account to another.

    Thanks again for the wonderful product

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