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Error Message

Hi All,

I am getting an error message when trying to refresh all in the spreadsheet after updating the external files. Please see attached, i have made not changes to the standard template downloaded from the site.



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    This error message indicates that your external data files are not created in the c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData folder.

    Please open Scripts\PSConfig.txt file and make sure that parameter PSDataFolder is set to that folder:
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    Thanks Vidas, this seems to have worked.

    I now have another problem when refreshing all my system generates the attached error. I monitored the total memory usage and at no time did it go above 40% so I am confused that it says it runs out of memory, any advice please?

  • You are using Excel 32bit and it can access just limited amount of memory - about 1GB. If you would switch to Excel 64bit, then Excel would be able to access all available memory.
    But, if I would expect that if you entered just a few 100 transactions, Excel should still fit into 32bit memory space. Could you please send me your workbook and c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData folders - I will see how this behaves on my PC. My email is posted on this page:
  • Thank you, I have just sent you the email requested.

  • Hi Steph,

    I checked your files and I was able to refresh without problems, but I am using Excel 64bit. I know that PowerPivot (engine behind Portfolio Slicer) sometimes uses much more memory when there is an error in calculations. I noticed that you have negative cash balance and I know that some formulas are affected because of that. Could you please increse your first deposit to make sure that cash balance never goes negative and try to refresh your workbook. Otherwise few transactions you have should refresh without any problems, even I expect no problems on 32bit Excel.
  • Apologies I sent you another email please ignore I will capture accurate account information and hopefully this allows me to see the reports correctly.
  • Hi,

    I reviewed your workbook and here is the problem I see:
    In your psConfig.txt file you defined your symbols as JSE:ABC, but in Symbol table you defined your symbols as ABC. Because of this, PS cannot match them up. If you look into your Quotes.csv file, you will see that symbols are JSE:ABC. So to recover:
    1. Update your srcSymbol worksheet and for your symbols add market prefix so they match exactly what is in quotes.csv file, example: JSE:ABC.
    2. After your first step, you will see that in srcTrans table all symbols are marked as red, that is because these symbols should be consisten to. You can either add records into SymbolAlias table: "ABC JSE:ABC", or you can just simply update srcTrans table symbols from ABC to JSE:ABC.

    After you have done this, do data refresh. First time you probably will still get error message, but after that you should be good to go.

  • Thank you, that has worked!

    It seems that the quotes are in cents and the values I have entered as costs are in Rands. Is there a way to fix this other than changing my cost basis to be cents which will then match the quoted basis of cents? This would mean I see my portfolio value in cents?

  • Steph,

    In psConfig.txt where you list your symbols (Yahoo, Google, or GoogleWeb), you can specify factor that will be applied to quotes:
    # GoogleWeb: list of symbols from Google Finance website (link to download csv file not available). Format: Symbol,MinDate,MaxDate,IntraDayFlag[Y|N],[DividendFlag[Y|N],FactorHistory,FactorIntraDay,FactorDividend
    In your case you want to specify factor 0.01 for FactorHistory and FactorIntraDay so that cents would be converted to dollars:

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