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Add Fields to External Data Files

Hi, I have been using Portfolio Slicer for several years. I however am not a programmer and know nothing about PowerShell.

Does anyone know how to adjust the PowerShell Script files to include more Data Columns and all of the dates in the "Quotes" CSV file? This would probably need to be setup in a different folder so as not to interfere with the currently working setup. It would be nice to be able to also get Open, High, Low, Volume, and Adj Close, in addition to just the "Close and Date" for each Symbol. I would not think it would be necessary to add the latest "intra-day" data, however, others may think it would be helpful. The dates would not be filtered for Month End Date for dates prior to the current 50 days. This would allow for further detailed analysis outside of the Portfolio Slicer worksheet if it was needed by users.

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