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Problem with symbol price

I'm having a bit of issues migrating over to the new portfolio slicer XL13.

I noticed that the symbol prices on the Holdings tab is inaccurate for all my Canadian stock listings:

DOL.TO shows up as 71.23 instead of 91.43
T.TO shows up as 31.81 instead it should be 40.83
These are just two examples of the 6 stocks that I have.

My USD stocks seems to be fine.


  • It seems your problem is with currency conversion. To confirm that switch slicer to currency "*Original" - you will see all data on that page in original currency.
    So first thing for you to check - on your page what currency is slicer set to? Is it CAD? USD? *Original? If changing between slicers do not help, then next thing is to confirm your currency settings:
    1. In Table "Report Currency" in your Excel workbook make sure you have option for CAD.
    2. In Table "Account" make sure your account has proper currencies.
    3. In Table "Symbol" make sure that each symbol has proper currency.

    If you found any issues please fix it and refresh data - you should be OK.

    If you still experience any issues, you can send me workbook, my email posted here:
  • I think the switching to original currency did the trick. Thanks!

    The next thing for me to look at is to figure out how to get the dividends to show up.
  • If you have a mix of CAD and USD symbols, then *Original currency total is not what you are looking for - because it will add USD with CAD. So you have to keep one currency selected, for example CAD - and you will see properly converted prices.
    For Dividends - please check generated Dividends.csv file - make sure data is in there. If not very possible in psConfig.txt under for each symbol you have to specify fifts parameter value as Y, example:
  • In version 1, I'm able to see both currencies and my list of US and CAD stocks together.

    Thanks, I'm seeing the divs now.
  • Small note to Oneinthisworld:

    This might be an outdated suggestion, but if your "Home Currency" is Canadian Dollars, I think you will want to check the "Report Currency" table in the "scr" tab. Ensure CAD is assigned to CurrencyID=1 and USD is assigned to CurrencyID=2. You might need to switch these "ReportCurrency" entries around. (I'm guessing here but, I'm thinking the download files of the current PS workbook is configured to have USD as the home currency).

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