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Error in Refreshing

I'm getting errors refreshing in power BI. Hoping someone can help or provide guidance on how to fix it.

Load for all tables show "Load was cancelled by an error in loading a previous table"
Load for CurrencyConv show "Expression.Error: The column "CurrencyFrom" of the table wasn't found".

This worked fine when quotes were retrieved from Yahoo. I changed the scripts to new scripts from Vidas (found in below location)

Thanks very much


  • When you get this error - it most likely means that you do not have currencyConv.csv file or it is in the wrong format. So:
    1. Make sure you have 5 files in PSData folder - 4 .csv files and one .ini file. Make sure there is no errors.txt file in that folder.
    2. Open CurrencyConv.csv file and confirm that first line is "Date ExchRate CurrencyFrom CurrencyTo".

  • Thanks Vidas
    Will take a look when I get home
  • Hi Vidas, finally I got the script working to refresh.
    But it seems I'm not getting all prices back. For LMT, I only get current price (but not history).. LMT file is completely missing in the Quotes folder but has only 1 record in PSData.

    Appreciate any help you can provide.

  • Hi,

    Instead of LMT try using NYSE:LMT in Google section.
  • Awesome...thanks Vidas
    I'm back in business after the Yahoo fiasco
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