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Is there any way to share Portfolio Slicer between users

For example, if I have multiple computers or wish to share with other members of the family?
Is it possible to have the files of One Drive, Google Drive or Dropbox to accomplish this?


  • Hi,

    There are 2 different types of sharing - sharing data entry and refresh, vs sharing reports.
    I will assume that there is one member in family that is responsible for data entry and data refresh and other family members just wants to see reports.
    The absolutely best way to share Portfolio Slicer reports is by using Portfolio Slicer for Power BI.
    This is how my family is using Portfolio Slicer:
    1. We have one computer that is ON all the time. This computer is scheduled to automatically update external data for Portfolio Slicer. I never do manual external data updates - everything is scheduled and I just expect that data on my computer is always up to date.
    2. Same computer has Portfolio Slicer Excel workbook. I am doing all transaction updates in that workbook. But now I seldom do data refresh in the same workbook. I use Power BI Desktop with Portfolio Slicer for Power BI data model to refresh data (transactions and quotes). It works much faster than Excel - for me always less than 10sec to do full refresh.
    3. We have one account where we published our Portfolio Slicer workbook with our data. All data in this published data model is scheduled for automatic updates 8 time per day.
    4. Each family member who needs access to Portfolio Slicer reports on their phones have application "Microsoft Power BI for mobile". We use the same account from to log in to this application. We see all Portfolio Slicer reports on our phones. Or on desktop you can use same userid to see reports your reports on website.

    Above works very well for us - we always have up to date reports on our phones and for more in depth analysis (like preparing sales reports for submitting taxes) I use my Excel workbook.

    Is this something that can work for you? Or are you more interested in using just local Excel version of Portfolio Slicer. In such case saving using any cloud storage (onedrive/gdrive/dropbox) works with certain limitations.
    Normally you would share Portfolio Slicer Excel workbook and probably each computer would have version of External Data Management scripts with same configuration - so that any of you can refresh data. We have done this in the past but common problem was when one user keeps Excel workbook open, then another user can open just read only version of workbook so you much ask each other to close workbook. Another common issue was that cloud software would not be able "merge" workbooks, so would create multiple versions of same Excel workbook.
  • Thanks fo the detailed response. Both solutions look interesting. Portfolio Slicer for Power BI seems like a very full-featured solution. I think I will first set up Portfolio Slicer and then try out from there.
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