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Dividend Growth Tracker


I have two questions
1) My portfolio consists of DRIP and DivTAs where sometimes, I input total Div rec'd not the share count. I know by making a chance to the PSConfig file, I can start pulling in Dividends/Share but that's double counting my Dividends. Is there a good way to pull Div/Share but not double it up when reporting in PowerBI (for Dividends value)?

2) Taking the Div/Share from above and charting share quantity growth overtime, is it possible to linearly extrapolate to estimate Dividends Growth (assuming current Div/Share) remains unchanged?

Thanks for taking the time


  • Hi,

    Previously there were scripts that would extract dividends data from Yahoo Finance website, but because Yahoo stopped providing that data, scripts do not work. So it is best to input dividend data yourself directly into transactions table. If you do that, you should make sure that there are no files with data in Dividends folder. So if you see any double dividends, then please remove files from Dividends folder.

    Currently there are no "automated" ways to estimate dividend growth. Microsoft already started to provide technology for this and when possible, I will add this to Portfolio Slicer. But I am assuming that this is at least few years away.
  • I was wondering why my dividends data only refreshed till April...I suppose it's caused by Yahoo stopped the data.
    Another FYI. Someone mentioned ( is a good alternative.
  • No wonder the dividend looks pretty weird recently. Is that possible to have a script to download data from as mentioned above?
  • One more thing. I just noticed that there is a software tracking performance of a portfolio: stockmarketeye. They also use data from Yahoo and Google. But somehow they are still able to retrieve both price and the dividend information. Do you have any idea how they do it? There is one problem with this software though: you have to manually enter dividend information each month. This is quite inconvenient and I don't know why they didn't make it automatic.

  • I asked Maxim if he could take a look at alphavantage and see if he can do anything with yahoo. He will need some time to look into this. I'll post here if/when scripts will become available.
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