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DAX - Equity Value

Hi Vidas!

I am redoing the Power Bi file according to my needs.

I will not use different currencies.
I will not use Sector and Sensitivity.

I can not rewrite Dax Equity Value without taking currencies into account.

I tried:

Equity Value = ROUND (SUM (VALUES (dbActive [ACTIVE])
CALCULATE (SUM (fTrans [Qt-])
; DATESBETWEEN (Calendar [Date]; BLANK (); MAX (Calendar [Data])); All (Calendar)
; ALL (dbOper); DbOper [F IMPACT STOCK] <> 0;
; 3)
* CALCULATE (Values (Quotation [Cot])
DATESBETWEEN (Calendar [Date], DateAdd (LastDate), -40; day), MAX (Calendar [Data])
; 2)

But it did not work.

Would you help me?


  • Hi,

    It is very hard to understand your code because:
    1. You have not formatted it properly. Paste code, select it and then from menu just above edit box choose Paragraph sign and then "Code".
    2. I do not know your table structure, so it is hard for me to guess what is where.
    But Equity value = SUM(ForEachSymbol(Qty * Price))
    Does table dbActive in your structure represents symbol?

    To test - first ignore Price part - remove it and store samewere safe. Then try to return number of shares between all symbols - make that work. Then add multiplication by latest price.
  • Thanks Vidas!

    I adapted with a full version of the portfolio slicer.

    I have another question, but as the subject is different I will open a new topic.
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