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Day Trade - Buy and Sell on the same day.


In Brazil, when we make a sale and a purchase of the same stock on the same day, this operation is called "Day Trade", and it has different characteristics.

Therefore, I need these operations not to influence the others.

The problem exists when for example:
I already have a long position for an stock, and the other day I make a "Day Trade". Information about the existing long position should be maintained without the influence of Day Trade.

I have included a column from the Trans table, where I put the acronym "DT" in the purchase operation and the "Day Trade" sale operation.

How could I insert this filter into the measurements? What measures?


  • edited July 2017
    I believe the change should be made in the CBI and QHBS column, but I still have not found a way to make this adjustment.
  • Hi,

    In PS Adjusted Cost Base (ACB) is calculated using Average method and all transactions are included, so having "Day Trade" behave differently would require multiple column recalculation (example CBBuyToDateRpt1..3, CostBasisImpactRpt1..3, etc
    So it would not be easy to do what you want.
    But I believe there is an easy workaround. Simply have daytrade transactions in separate account.
    So you would have accounts:

    Before each day trade transaction you would transfer money from Acc1 into Acc1-DT, do buy then sell and then transfer money back. I believe this is simple workaround, but it would require for you to enter few more transactions for each trade. Would this work for you?

  • Thank you, this solution works and I will use it for now.

    But I will try to make the necessary changes in Trans and Measurements.

    I know it's complicated, but if Mr. Someday help in this matter. It will be very important for mine to be more correct and efficient.

    Work with multiple portfolios and accounts, so having to make the postings in the proposed way will not bring a result as transparent as I would like.
  • I am glad that this workaround could work for you. I do not think I would be able to help you re-write formula for your situation - it would require too much effort. When I'll have more time I want to prepare next release for PS.
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