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How does PS calculate monthly and yearly gains for a mutual fund?


For one of my mutual funds, Yahoo and google does not give complete historic data. I have instead, grabbed the monthly prices for the fund from my bank statements going back about 9 nine years. I entered these under the proper file name for the mutual fund in the QUOTES folder.

It is working for most months, but in some months, it comes back with a calculation that \i have lost 100% of my investment in one month and gained it all back in the next month (give or take a few dollars0 IS there a specific date each month that PS looks for to complete it's calculations for monthly gain? Do I have to ensure I have a value for the last day of each month?



  • For each month PS looks for the last quote 40 calendar days back from the last day of the month. What you described looks that there is no quote in that month. Please check symbol file in Quotes folder. Maybe quotes were moved into archive file?
  • Could is end you the quote file and have you look at the quote for the particular mutual fund in the particular year i am having issues?

  • Sorry, I see now. There must be a quote on the last business day of the month for the calculation to work. Some of the numbers i had from my bank were not on the last business day. Once i changed the date for each month to have at least one quote on the last day of each month, the calculations worked.
    Sorry to bother you with that.

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