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Holdings Tab Data is Incomplete

Hello, I am a relatively new user and am now in the process of validating my data after I have entered it (as I have made many keying errors along the way).

After refreshing all data, when I click on the Holdings tab, the first 14 symbols show the information correctly. The row containing the 15th symbol has the symbol, symbol name, qty, avg book value, capital gain, profit and annualized RoR (the last 3 values being incorrect because other values in the row are missing). Cost basis and total value are 2 key values that are missing. For this particular symbol, there is a single buy transaction on the srcTrans tab.

Then the next row is completely blank. The row after that is similar to the 15th row (ie. missing column data). The next 2 rows are indexes (should they show here?). And finally the last row is again missing the same data as the 15th row.

Is there any hints of where I can go and check to figure out what I may have done wrong?

Thank you.



  • Mark,

    Make sure you have no empty rows in Symbol table - that empty row might mean that you have empty symbol string or symbol that has just spaces in name. For Symbol in row 15 - please open PSData\Quotes.csv file and check if quote for last 30 days exits - most likely there is no quote and that is why other data is incorrect. Indexes should not be there, but lets first fix first few issues, then we will address indexes.
  • Thank you Vidas.

    As I suspected I had a few errors, which I corrected and I'm getting all my holdings listed...but i still have a blank line after my holdings and the indexes do appear. Here is what I checked/fixed:
    1. empty symbol string or symbol in symbol table - No. The table looks fine.
    2. However when i looked at quotes.csv, I realized that in row 15 in the holdings tab, I did not have the correct symbol listed so I changed the value on both the symbol and transaction tab.
    3. I ran the update script and refreshed the data (I'm on Excel 2010)

    I've attached a partial screenshot of the Holdings tab.

  • Hi,

    It seems to me that you removed default filter from Holdings report. To set that filter back:
    Next to the top "Symbol" column header on the right side you have a button that is right now with arrow down - click that button, then choose "Value Filter", then "Greater than" and set it to "Total Value" - "is greater than" - "0":

    This will remove indexes and empty lines.
    But - empty line indicates that you have :
    - either empty symbol in symbol table
    - quotes in Quotes.csv file for symbol that is not defined in Symbol table
    - divideds in Dividends.csv file for symbol that is not defined in Symbol table
    - transactions in srcTrans table for symbol that is not defined in Symbol table.
    Please check that!
  • Thank you again. I've set the filter and you were correct, I had a symbol in the quotes file that I planned on using but did not. I've removed the symbol from the config file and the quotes file and all appears to be good for now.

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