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Update error message

Hi Vidas

I've back-filled certain historic pension transactions into my srcTrans sheet. After doing so, I checked my psconfig file carefully and I don't seem to have any error files in the C-drive PSData folder, however, when I update the PS workbook I get the following error message:

'We couldn't get data from the Data Model. Here's the error message we got: Cannot create relationship from the 'Symbol' table to the 'Allocation' table because the 'Allocation' column in the 'Allocation' table has duplicate values.'

I have checked my allocation table in src sheet and there is no such duplicate showing. However, I do think the error might be arising from some sort of update issue linked to the src sheet as I renamed the portfolios (cells B11 onwards) when doing the back-fill exercise but the updated names have not fed through to the other sheets (e.g. the dashboard).

Any ideas what is going on here and how to resolve it?

Thanks - and Merry Christmas!



  • Vidas,

    I have just noticed Fabrizio's thread re 'Cannot create relationship' - essentially the same issue as mine, but mine seems to relate to the allocations table.

    I have checked the src sheet to ensure no empty rows, and can see that special symbol in the bottom right hand corner identifying the end of each table as expected, yet I'm still getting this error message?

  • Laurence,

    For allocation table another place to check - "TargetPercent" column values must be integer - no decimals allowed.
    If you have full PowerPivot support (that is if you see PowerPivot menu), you can go into PowerPivot data model and check table "Allocation" to see what values are loaded. You can also then try to refresh just allocation table in PowerPivot - "Linked Table" -> "Update Selected".
  • Hi Vidas - seems to have done the trick. I had two allocations at 22.5%, so have adapted.

    Enjoy your festive hols, and thanks again for all the support this year!
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