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Power BI not displaying 2018 data properly in charts

Hi There,

In the Daily Movement tab of the BI Portfolio tracker, the 2018 data is displaying before the December 2017 data in all the graphs: - capital gains for the last 20 days, exchange rate for the last 20 days, and total value for the last 20 days.

Up until the new year, the newest days data was always added to the end of the charts.

I assume that after 20 days of history this will sort itself out, but my OCD is wanting it to display properly now. Is there anyway to fix this?




  • To save space on the chart I used Month-Day, instead of proper date or specifying proper ordering of that attribute. I will fix this in next release
  • I do not have access to PowerBi now, but I now remember that to fix this issue select in Date table column mth-day and for "order by" attribute chose Date column.
  • Sorry, but my instructions were not right. To fix this in PowerBI you have to replace column Mth-Day with ShortDate. That is because Mth-Day column cannot be ordered by Date column, due to relationship. This bug will be fixed in the next release. This issue will go away by itself at the end of January, but I understand it is not good enough.
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