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Unable to save after 'Refresh All'

Loving portfolio slicer and have been using it since June/2017.

I've had a problem pop up in the last few days and I'm not sure how to fix it:
If I update things within the the actual Portfolio Slicer workbook (transactions, etc.) and click 'Save', the files saves as it normal.
Once I 'Refresh All', I'm unable to save the file.

When trying to save after 'Refresh All', I get the following error messages in succession.

I have tried 'Save As' and a different file name, I have tried opening the temp file and then saving that way....but nothing works.

Does anyone have any idea why all of a sudden I'm not able to save the file after updating the pivot tables?


  • I have never seen this.
    Are you saving your file in any cloud based drive - like onedrive or dropbox? If so, please save file in the location that is significantly different from what you have and see if that helps.
    I do not know what is extension of c9855220. There is something else happening with your workbook that I cannot explain.
  • Yes, I was saving it to Google Drive, but had been since I started using PS in June/2017. Strange.

    Thanks for the tip - I saved the main Excel workbook on my laptop directly and now it's saving without problem again.

    Very much appreciate your awesome support with your awesome tool Vidas!
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