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Exchange rate graph missing from Power BI


I upgraded the scripts with the new one to get exchange rates from Now in Power BI, there is nothing in the exchange rate table whereas there used to be 20 days history. When I check CurrencyConv.csv there are current values, and there are also current values in CurrExchIntraDay and CurrExch files.

Not sure what I did, but any ideas on how to get the exchange rate chart back in Power BI?

Edit: When I take a closer look at the csv file, I noticed the last day has two entries in it:

"2018-03-21 1.29023 USD CAD"
"2018-03-21 0.775034 CAD USD"

Could this be causing a problem? All other days previous only have one entry.


  • So I decided to start with a freshly downloaded PortfolioSlicerV2.3.pbix file.

    I set up the links to my spreadsheet and my data files, hit refresh, and it fixed the exchange rate graph on Daily Movement tab.

    No idea what I did to break it in the first place, but I am glad the fix was this simple.
  • Glad you fixed it.
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