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Alphavantage script not updating all symbols

I've had a problem with Alphavantage for the past few weeks. When I run the script (unedited v2.4.05) some of the symbols update and others don't.

As examples from the log: If I run the FTEK.L url in Chrome, it shows a full set of data up to yesterday's close.

The entries in the psConfig.txt file are (and these are the first two in the Alphavantage section):

If I clear everything out of the psConfig.txt file and only run it with these two symbols, then FTEK.L updates fine

For info, I've attached the full psConfig.txt file (excluding my API key)

Thank you very much in advance for any help



  • Hi James,

    I am not able to reproduce this issue. I tried with getting data for FETK.L and it works as expected. I deleted some lines from the Quotes\_FTEK.L_.txt file and next reload worked without problems - quotes were appended up to today.
    Can you send me your Quotes\_FTEK.L_.txt file? My email is posted here:
  • Hi Vidas,
    Thank you for looking at my issue. I'll send you the files via email
  • Hi James,

    Thanks for reporting this and for pointing out that issue appears just after you requested more than 10 quotes.
    I can see in AlphaVantage community forums that other people started to encounter similar problems starting about 2 weeks ago:

    Based on the above information, I would have to add a 90second delay after every 5 requests. This will increase script run time, but should solve the issue. I'll let you know when the updated script is ready.
  • Hi James,

    I releases scripts that you already tested - they are now available from download page. As I said, I added wait for 90 second after each 4 requests. As you noticed, that substantially increased query time.
    My suggestion would be - avoid using AlphaVantage unless is absolutely necessary. Try to use quotes from other sources - like Yahoo or Stooq.
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