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Yahoo Intraday Data Not Found in HTML

Lately I have been getting errors on symbols from the YahooIntraday script showing in the log file:

** For Symbol: new quotes not found (there is no 'D(ib)" data-reactid="35">' in html that came back)

Data returned with an error on one day, will download just fine the next day, and another symbol will return the error the next day. Errors seem to occur at random.


  • Can you send me log output (Scripts\Log\GetQuotes-YahooIntraday.txt)
  • Copies of two different log files have been sent. I suspect the issue is more with Yahoo than with the script, since the error seems to happen on random symbols on different days.
  • I have not received any files. Could you zip and resend. I will confirm when I will get files from you.
  • ok, see attached.
  • In the sample I saw over 400 symbols. Can you please check this for a few days and confirm that there are no errors in the first half of the log file (about first 200 symbols), and then these errors randomly appear in the second part of the log file - last 200 symbols. When I run with a few symbols, I am not getting these issues. I am guessing that maybe after so many requests, Yahoo returns some error page or "captcha challenge" page.
    So please first see if you get any errors in the first half of the log file. I'll try to test as well.
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