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table not found

any suggestions on this error..see pic


  • its bringing me to the "Renamed Columns" step but not letting me change the value.

    The header in the CurrencyConv file is as follows:

    Date ExchRate CurrencyFrom CurrencyTo
  • edited August 2018
    First - make sure that your Excel is configured (by default) to get data from c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData. Then check files in there. If Excel is configured to read data from other location then check that location.
    If that looks good, you will have to send me your Excel file, PSData folder files and psConfig.txt file.
    Also, is this new setup? Was this working before and stopped working recently?
  • This is a new setup. I recently moved to the new workbook and new scripts version and decided to give PowerBI a try since I use it at work for a multitude of things. I guess I will send you my files?
  • Yes, please send your files. But I might reply just next week -sorry very busy.
  • Never mind Vidas, I fixed the issue. I have those files a comma vs tab. I made teh change and all is working now.
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