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Errors in updating


I was receiving this error message yesterday, but noticed I was running an old script (v2.4.05) so I figured the error was caused by not having an up to date script. I upgraded to v2.4.06 but I am still getting the same error.

Any thoughts?

Thanks :)


  • Can you send me or post here list of currencies you are using?
  • Hi Vidas

    I only use Canadian. In PS, Report currency #1 is CDN, and #2 is USD.

    In the psconfig script, this is what shows (never touched this section since starting with PS)

    # Currency: list of currencies that you need exchange rates between (from Bank of Canada website). Example: USD,CAD,EUR


  • I use CAD and USD. I'm getting the same error when using the script for XE Intraday. I believe XE has updated their pages, and is no longer allowing automated fetching of rates.
  • Yes, XE change their page format and exchange rate information from their website is not easily available anymore. Intraday currency exchange rates from Yahoo or Google are also not working as they also changed format some time ago and current scripts return the error. I am looking for intraday currency exchange data options and will see if Maxim can help me with this. In the mean time it appears that day end exchange rates are still available from Stooq.
  • Same error here !
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