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SymbolTransferIn SymbolTransferOut

On May 16, 2018, LIQ.TO changed its name and sybmol to CLIQ.TO. I showed this as:

SymbolTransferOut LIQ.TO 1200 16.01
SymbolTransferIn CLIQ.TO 1200 16.01 and then put CostBaseOveride of 19209.95.

The reports show a book value for CLIQ.TO of zero.

When reading the document online, I note:

SymbolTransferIn - Transferring symbol out of account, but not considered sale. Need to specify number of shares transfered out (Qty) and fair price on the day of the transfer

SymbolTransferOut - Transferring symbol into account. Need to specify number of shares transfered in (Qty) and fair price on the day of the transfer. Also specify original book value in "BookValueOverride" to track proper capital gain

Firstly, the name and explanation seem to be opposite to each other. Is this correct? Secondly, I don't find the column BookValueOverride.

Please advise what I should so.




  • Hi, after more experimentation and review, I think that the documentation is reversed as to the purpose of the 2 functions. As well, I got the actual cost base to show up once I put the number "1" in the Exchange Rate Override column.


  • Hi Gary,

    Documentation error, that I fixed, but will upload some time later.
    For SymbolTransferIn it is recommended to specify CostBasisOverride and sometimes ExchRateRpt1Override.
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