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Script Errors on New Laptop

I have been using PortfolioSlicer for 3 years on my desktop with no issues. I recently got a new laptop and was hoping to install PortfolioSlicer by copying the whole directory "c:\PortfolioSlicer" from my desktop. I was surprised to find that the external data script does not appear to work on the laptop. Any ideas???


  • Can you post here error message you are getting?
  • Vidas,
    I have attached the "psConfig" file and a file "UpdatePSData Report" containing the errors that I am getting. The interesting thing is that PortfolioSlicer on my desktop is working with the same "psConfig" file???
  • It looks like on the new laptop you never started Internet Explorer (IE). So first start IE, pick default settings, close IE, start IE and make sure you do not get any messages about choosing defaults, then re-run PS scripts.
  • Vidas,
    Wow, that is amazing!!!! I was looking for a far more complex problem. With all of the other browsers (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) I never thought about starting Internet Explorer. I did that and now I am back in business.
    My sincere thanks to you,
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