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Getting started with Portfolio Slicer

I've watched your start up YouTube videos and followed the instructions meticulously, but I cannot get my data entered on the Transaction tab to show on either the Holdings or Dashboard screens.

In fact, the Dashboard still show the original USD accounts and CAD accounts, and not the new accounts I created.

Obviously I am having a problem at a very basic level.

Where do I start to resolve this?

Your work looks great, I just wish I could get it to work.

Thank you,

Michael Wolf


  • Hi Michael,

    Most often the problems I have seen was with having extra empty lines in Excel tables. Please check your Excel tables (Account, ReportCurrency, Allocation, Symbol, SymbolSector, SymbolAlias). You will see corner symbol when table ends. If you have any empty rows, you will not be able to refresh Portfolio Slicer.

    Let me know if that fixed your issue!
  • edited May 2016
    I checked all my tables and do not find any blank lines.

    When I click Refresh All, I receive error message:

    "Initialization of the Data Source Failed"
  • Can you send me your Excel workbook, psConfig.txt file and 4 files from PSData folder. My email:
  • Sorry, but I am not familiar with how to send email to a webpage link..

    Please advise.
  • Hi,

    Sorry, my email is specified in this page:
    I do not provide an email in forum posts as I do not want to "bots" parsing web pages to grab email address and then send spam to me.
  • Sorry.

    I missed that.

    Email has been sent.
  • HI,

    I do not see any problem with your Excel workbook, except that it did not refresh local tables data automatically. It is possible that there were some data issues that prevented refresh happening and now workbook is in the incomplete state.
    So lets force refresh:
    1. Open Excel 2010 workbook.
    2. Go to Menu "PowerPivot" menu, click on "PowerPivot Window". Normally after this step you would see some delay - about 30sec spent of PowerPivot reading data from local Excel tables and updating data model. In your case this did not happen.
    3. Select table "Account". At this point you will see "old" accounts.
    4. Click on menu "LinkTable".
    5. Click on arrow next to "Update Mode" button. Make sure that checkbox is next to "Automatic". If it is not - that is the problem - select "Automatic".
    6. Click on button "Update All' - this will force update of all local Excel tables (Account, Symbol, Transactions). After refresh completed makes sure that in Account table you see your accounts.
    7. In the same PowerPivot window click on menu "Home" and then choose "Refresh"->"Refresh All". This should update data from External tables.
    8. Close PowerPivot window.
    9. Select cell in any Pivot Table, right mouse click and click refresh. THis will talke 30-60sec - after that all reports should be refreshed.

    Please follow steps above - if you will get any issue, please post here and let me know at what step you had any issues.

  • OK, I discovered that I did not even have the PowerPivot Add-On installed.

    So, I downloaded and installed it (32 bit).

    So now I have the PowerPivot icon on my Menu Bar. When I click on it I get the following error message:

    "You are attempting to access PowerPivot data that was added using a newer version of PowerPivot. This action is not supported, and you cannot access the data. To continue working with the PowerPivot data, you must use the latest version of PowerPivot."

    I am not sure what to do at this point.

    Thank you.
  • Remove PowerPivot, check if your Excel version is 32bit or 64bit, then follow these steps to install (same bit as Excel) PowerPivot:
    It is possible that previous PowerPivot version you installed is older build.
  • Yes, I had initially tried to install PowerPivot via that method, but PowerPivot did not show up in the list.

    Thus, I had to find a version online.

    I still do not get an option to select PowerPivot among the Com Add Ins.
  • I am running 64 bit Windows 10 and 32 Bit Office 2010.

    An online search seems to indicate there may be a problem with MS Visual Studio 2010, in such a configuration, however I still have not been able to resolve it and the issue above remains, unresolved.
  • Hi,

    I am running Windows 2010 with Office 2010 on my PC.
    There is a known bug when PowerPivot might not work with Office 2010. I am not 100% sure if that bug is already fixed or not. But there is step by step guide on how to resolve this issue posted by Micrsoft here:

    Please follow these steps and make sure you have right PowerPivot version (from my provided link).
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