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Quotes - Not Found (Web Err)

My quotes file for yahoo is not updating. Running updatepsdata only modifies the quotes folder in one drive once per day. That modification is only the date of the file.

The log file GetQuotes-Yahoo show the message Not Found (Web Err) at the end of each quote paragraph.

Running UpdatePSDataIntraday works fine.


  • Symbol: PCG. Next date: 2019-02-07. Quote file: C:\Users\canopus\OneDrive\PotfolioSlicer\Quotes\_PCG_.txt
    Requesting url:
    Done: PCG. No new quotes found.

    16:05:42 --- Finished. Quotes Requested/Succeed/Failed/Rows: 22/21/1/0. Duration: 5 sec.
  • from the request URL.

    "finance": {
    "error": {
    "code": "Unauthorized",
    "description": "Invalid cookie"
  • Hello,

    First, I am assuming that you are using latest scripts.
    What is the latest quote date in your Quotes\_PCG_.txt file?
    Your error message says: "Symbol: PCG. Next date: 2019-02-07" - that would mean that you must have already quotes for 2019-02-06 in that file - and that is behaviour as expected. Quote for 2019-02-07 will be posted by Yahoo just some time after 8 or 9pm tonight (Feb 7th).

  • Hi,

    I resolved the issue and I'm embarrassed and grateful. Your response made me realize that I had not looked in the quotes file. The quotes where being downloaded but not refreshing. From there I was able to figure out that I'd set the holdings display to show only January of this year.

    Thank you for both your excellent program and support. You have made my investment experience much more clear. Happy New Year!
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