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Exch Rate Impact

Hi Vidas.

Can I ask for your help in understanding how Exch Rate Impact works?

I have just finished adding a couple of earlier years of data to my portfolio (2015 and 2016). Everything seems to be working OK and PS reconciles to my brokerage records. The only odd thing I noticed is that there is a large Exch Rate Impact amount and percent for 2015 (Yearly tab, Yearly Movements table). This appears odd because there were only CAD accounts and transactions in 2015. The amount remains the same regardless of which choice I make in the ReportCurrency slicer.

I think I have all the quotes that are needed, and currency exchange records go back to MinDate.

Can you suggest how I might diagnose this?



  • Greig,

    I src worksheet Report Currency table you have a list of Currencies. Then Currencie with CurrencyID = 1 is supposed to be your primary currency and "Exch Rate Impact" is calculated for that primary currency. If you are in Canada, in that Report Currency table you must have CAD currency with CurrencyID = 1.
    Is that the case for your setup?
  • Yes, I have CAD as CurrencyID =1.

    I found a way around my problem. I had MinDate set to 2015-03-16, which was the day I started tracking the accounts in PS. I saw in the CurrencyConv tab in the data model that there was a value in the ExchRateDeltaSum column that was equal to the ExchRate on the first row. I changed MinDate to 2015-01-01 and reran the scripts (following your documentation for changing MinDate). The problem disappeared. My transactions still start on 2015-03-16. I'm guessing that the combination of CurrencyConv starting on the same day as transactions and quotes confused the Exch Rate Impact measure (my DAX knowledge is too limited for me to understand if this hypothesis is true!).
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