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Geting quotes from

Hi , We here in Egypt Market the only site showing daily and historical quotes is . I tried to edit the scripts to work on it with no luck
Here is an example for one of my stock

Can someone fix the script to get quotes from instead of yahoo or Google for emerging markets users like me ?


  • I am not sure if a script will work. This site doesn't seem to offer an API that can be used.

    An alternative may be to manage your own quotes. I have several investments for which I have not been able to find a download source. For these I get quotes manually from whatever source I can find (like yours for ETEL). There is information at on how to do this.

    I have also had some success in "screen scraping" quotes using Excel's Get and Transform Data > From Web. I use it once a month to scrape the daily quotes for the month. This approach is useful when the site doesn't have a download function (or it costs a lot of money to use).
  • Thanks GreigH, Finally I downloaded the quotes historical data manually and updated Quotes.csv as mentioned in the link above but I wish if there is a script to update it daily
  • As Yahoo becomes more and more unreliable for historical quotes I've put together a powershell script which can download historical quotes for up to 30 days from and can be used with Portfolio Slicer, but is has a lot of ifs and buts in using it. As Greig said, the site does not have an API and uses a non-standard naming convention for urls and quotes, so I'm just scraping the table on the historical download page for any specific fund/etf. I would not recommend anyone to use this script if you're not at least somewhat comfortable with editing powershell scripts. However, I've been using this now for 4 ETF's for a couple of months now and it works just fine. If anyone is interested please let me know, then i can tidy up my messy scripting and post it here ;).

    And as this is my first post here, although I've been using the tool for about a year now: huge amount of kudos to Vidas for putting together this amazing tool. Much obliged!
  • Hans,

    Could you send me your script - I will see if I can use logic or if Maxim can take it as a base for one more source script.

    Thank you!

    My email is posted on this page:
  • I've just sent you an email Vidas, I hope it's of some use. Thank YOU! :)
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