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Error in quotes.csv

Hi Vidal,
I have PS working for quite some time, thanks for the same.
Recently I downloaded the external data download files after yahoo changed the API.

Now I'm getting the below error.
Quotes.csv. Each row should have exactly two column separators (' ') - ERROR. Bad records bellow:

After reading a few posts I backed up the PSdata folder and deleteed all files in it, but the error persists.
It creates the Quotes.csv file but the quotes folder is empty

Thanks for your help


  • Hi,

    Can you please confirm that you are using latest scripts? If so, can you please send me your psConfig.txt file and all files from Quotes and PSData folders. My email is posted on this page:
  • Hi Vidas,
    I had downloaded the files on 4th april, just saw there was an update on 7th april.
    downloaded that too but same error.

    sent you by email files from the PsData Folder and PsConfig and error files.
    There are no files in the quotes nor currency folders.

    I use comma as decimal.

    Thanks for your help,
    Have a nice day,
  • I did not get an email from you - could you please double check my email address.
  • Just resent the email, the address was correct, could you please check spam folder too.
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