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having problem using "," as decimal

Hi Vidas,
I've been using "," as decimal for quite some time without problem.
Recently I started getting problems with quotes that have an extention. e.g. RACE.MI, these stopped showing in the portfolio.
I used comma for them too, RACE,MI as the quotes.csv used to conver "." to ","

Trying to figure out why quotes were not showing I checked the Quotes.csv file and now only the quotes value is being changed to comma and not the symbol.
2019-05-08 126,25 RACE.MI

Guess I have to change all commas to dot in the excel srcSymbol and srcTrans sheets, if this has been changed in the script, or I have done something wrong.

I'm using V2.4.11 and with all fresh files and folders.
Thanks for your help.


  • Some time ago scripts were fixed to convert just amounts using, and not the symbol - this was not right in early script releases. So you adjusted to address that issue and now you have to convert back.
    So yes, please define symbol with dot, update transactions, symbol alias and sector symbol records with dot for that symbol. Then make sure that Quotes.csv file is with dot in symbol name and coma in amounts.
  • Working fine now.
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