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Script for BoC Exchange rates not updating

For the past week or two the script for updating exchange rates from the Bank of Canada has not been returning any new rates. The log file does not show any errors - it just reports "No new quotes found." but does not add any of the most recent days to either the text files (e.g. the raw data files in the \CurrExch folder ) or the .csv file (CurrencyConv.csv)


  • Hello,

    Thank you for reporting this. I just received from Maxim updated file GetExchRates-BoC.ps1 and it is now available at Download page - as part of v2.4.12 download scripts). Please test it and let me know if you still have any issues.
  • Seems to be working - thank you.

    A curious thing though. I had manually updated the exchange rates in the \CurrExch\CAD_USD.txt and the USD_CAD.txt files and had run the script to write those dates to the CurrencyConv.csv file (which is read by PorfolioSlicer. To test the new BoC script I deleted the lines I had manually added to the .txt files in \CurrExch folder, deleted the CurrencyConv.csv file (whole file) and re-ran the scripts. On this run, it updated the rates in the .txt files but they did not seem to be in the CurrencyConv.csv file. So I re-ran the script (without deleting anything). They were now in the CurrencyConv.csf file. Not sure what was going on.

    It appears to be working - I will monitor next time I update rates and if I have any new problems will let you know.

    Thanks again.
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