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Could Not get data from the data model

I am a new user to PS and need some assistance please. I am using V2.3-XL16 and have inputted my initial data in the src and srcSymbol tabs. When I go to holdings and refresh for the first time I am getting this error message. "Could not get data from the data model the "AttributeRelationship" with AttributeID=TranID doesn't exist in the collection" Appreciate any help you can provide.


  • This error means that Excel was not able to load Excel tables into data model. Usually this is because:
    1. You deleted first record in srcTrans table.
    2. You have any errors in srcTrans table. Error here could be - instead of numeric value you have string value or date value you specified cannot be loaded. In some cases these errors could be in cells that are red, in other cases not. Or error could be empty line at the end of the table. Please make sure you understand how to identify empty lines at your tables,
    3. You might have errors in other tables, like Account, ReportCurrent (often), symbol alias.

    More info about errors, empty lines available here:

    If you still have issues, please send me your workbook (my email posted on this page:
  • The culprit was item 1, now it works like a charm. Thanks for the support
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