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quotes.csv and quotes folder

edited October 2016 in External Data Files
I have a problem here. Today, after the market close, I notice the yahoo has updated quote. I thus run updatepsdata. Then I notice a problem: the latest quote has been added to the file quotes.csv; but the data is not added to the quote files in the quotes folder. That cause problem in the calculation of value. I am wondering if I need to run another bat to update the quote folder, or it is just Yahoo?
and I am just curious why the quote of a stock need to be stored in two places?

AN update
I do an experiment, I delete all the files in/ psdata folder, as well as all the data folder (quotes, currency etc), and let the updatepsdata runs again. Same problem. In quota.csv, latest quotes are added at the end of the file (all the other quotes till OCT 7th are added based on their symbols. but today's quotes are not, they are added separately at the end of file) and files in quotes folder does not get updated (only has the quote from OCT 7TH). Given that yesterday the updatepsdata allows me to get quote up to OCT 7th without any problem, I guess that there is something in Yahoo cause the problem. Will try it tomorrow to see if things changes.


  • Hi,

    When PSData\Quotes.csv file it is generated, it takes data from 2 sources:
    1. \Quotes\ subfolder
    2. \QuotesIntraDay\ subfolder.

    When you see quotes at the end of the PSData\Quotes.csv file, these are records from QuotesIntraDay subfolder.
    Historical quotes in \Quotes\ subfolder are usually updates after about 9pm each data. Once you get data into that file, it stays there and next quote is requested just for next day.
    But \QuotesIntraDay\ folder data is requested every time you run .bat job and it gets data that is about 20min delayed. This way you can get latest up to date quotes info before 9pm.
    So when you say that you have problem in the calculation of value - could you please clarify what problem? Can you give example of the symbol with that problem?

  • edited October 2016
    I think that's the problem. The quote I receive is from intraday quote. So, the calculation of daily change is not accurate at this moment. I do a test of manually adding today's closing price to the end of a file for one symbol in the quotes folder, and that result in the right result for that symbol. I think when the quote get updated, I should get right result. will check it after 9 pm.

    everything turns fine after 9 pm. latest quota are downloaded.

    Thank you for the answer
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