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Cash Amount in Dashboard Does Not Match CashBalance in srcTrans Table

I have my workbook set up to track cash holdings. In the scrTrans worksheet, the final value for the CashBalance matches what I see online at my broker. However, in the Dashboard and Holdings worksheets, the reported amount of cash is much higher. Am I right to expect these to be the same? And if so, what could be going wrong?


  • Possible reasons:
    1. Check report currency - in dashboard switch to "* Original", so you are sure that there is no currency conversion. See if that helps. If so, review account currency and reporting currency.
    2. Check dates for transactions and make sure all transactions have reasonable date.

    These are most common reasons. If that does not help give a bit more info or you can send me your workbook - my email is posted on this page:
  • I have tried changing the report currency to "* Original", and the value still looks wrong to me. I think that I should have around $20, but the reported value is close to $600.
    I think the dates on the transactions all look reasonable. I will send you my workbook, maybe there is something else that I have missed.
  • Hi Braddecker,

    3rd reason why cash balance does not match - you choose to include generated dividends, so they are added to your cash balance. Go to DivGen tab and you will see amounts generated for you.
    If you do not want these generated dividends - then you need to disable them:
    1. Delete files from \Dividends\ subfolder.
    2. In psConfig.txt file make sure that for Dividend flag you specified nothing, or N
    # Yahoo: list of symbols from Yahoo Finance website. Format: Symbol,MinDate,MaxDate,IntraDayFlag[Y|N],[DividendFlag[Y|N],FactorHistory,FactorIntraDay,FactorDividend
  • Hi Vidas,

    That did it! I checked my psConfig.txt file and made sure that all of my Dividend flags were set to N. I deleted my .txt files from the \Dividends\ folder, and also deleted C:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData\Dividends.csv. I re-ran the update scripts and refreshed my data, and now everything looks correct.
    I didn't realize that the extra cash was from having dividends double-reported, but now I understand better how the workbook calculates these values.

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