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Market Index 1 return%

edited April 2017 in Excel Workbook
Hi there... This is, by far, the best portfolio management tool that I have come across - paid or not. Awesome job and thanks for all your effort.

I have managed to pull all my transactions into the excel and am able to run the scripts successfully. There is one issue that I see -

Issue 1: Index 1% return is not accurate
I have ^NSEI and ^BSESN indices configured as per instructions (in src: Local Config, srcSymbol: all 3 tables and in the psconfig.txt under Yahoo section. The scripts pull all the quote data including both the indices. I have checked the quotes.csv and see that both the indices data are present. The issue is this - whereever the return is compared against the indices, Index 1% is always 100% and for all time periods. Index 2% is fine. Could you please help? BTW, Index 1 refers to ^NSEI.

Minor code fix: UpdatePSData.bat scripts fail if there are files in the Quotes folder
This is a simple fix. I just added a line - del /q C:\PortfolioSlicer\Quotes\*.*. This fixed the issue.


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