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How to account for a rights issue partly followed

Hi All,

Please see attached corporate action detailing a rights offering for shares I owned. I sold some of the rights and took up some of the rights, a summary of transactions based on the corporate action is attached. How do I account for these transactions in the portfolio slicer?



  • Hi Steph,

    My understanding is you had 2 options:
    1. Elect to exercise the rights by converting PPCN rights into new PPC shares at the take
    2. LAPSE: Lapse the rights

    If you took option 1, you would:
    1. SymbolTransferOut for your original symbol
    2. SymbolTransferIn for your new symbol PPCN (you have to add symbol to Symbol table and psConfig.txt). Make sure you calculate proper price - basically divide old cost base by new symbol count.

    If you took option 2 (lapse), I believe that means you sold symbol - just enter selling qty and price.

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