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Transfer between accounts

1.What happens if there is a transfer between a broker account/or account grouping - in the transaction listings.


  • For Symbols you would use SymbolTransferIn/Out transaction type and for cash you would use Withdraw and Deposit transaction types.
  • How and when to use SymbolTransferOutAsSale?
    Do you still specify quantity and price?
    What happens to Capital Gain in this transaction?
    In my case, the stocks were transferred "in kind"
  • edited March 22
    SymbolTransferOutAsSale is used when you transfer symbol from "Cash" account to "Tax" account (For example RRSP, TFSA, 401k). Such transfer triggers capital gain/loss that is reported in Sales transactions.
    Was your transfer between same account type? If so, you should use "SymbolTransferOut/In". If this transfer is treated as sale for tax purpose, then use "SymbolTransferOutAsSale/SymbolTransferIn".
    YOu should always specify quantity and price of the share at the time of transfer.
  • OK; got it. Thanks.
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