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Costbasis calculation and Tax report - FIFO method

Hi Vidas,
Thanks for the amazing work and much valuable model. I was wondering if you have any recommendations how to handle Costbasis calculations using First in first out method, particularly in the context of calculating the tax report, which is from what I understand, based on the average cost basis, indeed, our tax authority protocol is based on the FIFO method. Do you think this could be a possible upgrade for the Version 3.0?
All the best, Ben


  • In v2.4 and v3.0 releases cost basis is calculated using average cost accounting. This calculation is complicated and not easily implemented in PowerPivot because PowerPivot engine does not support recursive calculations that are required for proper cost basis calculation. Because of this I am not planning at this point to implement FIFO method, sorry.
  • Ok that's all clear, and understand now the discrepancy with my broker platform calculations. Thank you the feedback Vidas
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