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Us Portfolio Slicer for only tax reporting

Hi, Wondering if I can use PS for only tax reporting and only using the data within the spreadsheet?
I'd really only be interested in entering Buy/Sell transactions and then have PC generate the capital gains/losses.
If I want to do that can i Just ignore the scripts and delete most of the sheets from the workbook?
I'm using v2.4 on Excel 2013.



  • In v3.0 I separated workbooks - there is one for source data and one for reports. Source data workbook is like "journal" where you enter all transactions and you can use that to record all transactions or just buy/sell transactions for your taxes, but I cannot guarantee that calculations are 100% correct, so you would have to double check everything yourself for tax purposes.
    I would use this workbook more for audit, that for completely relying on it for your tax purpose.
    In my case I track every single transaction and my balances are exactly as they are in my bank accounts, but I still do not trust it 100%.
  • Thanks. Unfortunately at this point I don't have Excel 2016! Understood about checking calculations for taxes.
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