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USD and CAD in Same Account

New user here, past couple months. Loving this tool so far, but struggling to properly account for currency.
I am able to hold both USD and CAD (cash & equities) in my brokerage account. I can only set the account currency in PS to one or the other. I set it to CAD. If I understand correctly, I then need to add USD equity Buys with the price per share converted to CAD in the Transactions section.

When I do this, the following results in Holdings:
Original = Cost Basis shows as CAD, but Market Value shows as USD throwing the returns off.
CAD = Shows correct Cost Basis and Market Value, but seems to show a huge Exchange Rate impact
USD = Seems to show somewhat correctly, but then changes all the holdings in the account to USD

Further complicating this is having done Norbert's Gambit previously on a large sum at a certain FX rate. So the exchange rate on the date I bought won't match the actual exchange rate from when I exchanged the funds.

Someone simplify this for a dummy?


  • PS allows to hold equities of both currencies in the same account, but cash could be held just in one currency. I would strongly suggest that you create 2 separate accounts with CAD and USD currencies and split your transactions that way.
  • edited July 20
    My account gives me no choice but to have USD ( the USD auto washes )and CAD together. I created two accounts and use the
    trade confirmations for currency exchanges without specifying currency values. Rather I categorize selling value currency as a withdrawal and buying value currency as a deposit.

    I mean that I enter the dollar value of what I am selling as a withdrawal and the dollar value of what I am buying as a deposit. Thus moving the money from 1 account to the other.

    I'm not sure if this is a true entry or not because exchange rate is not explicitly entered.

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