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Quotes from, and

Hi community,
I have developed a small excel query that allows me to pull quotes from those 3 sites and prepare the data to be added to the manual entry .txt files.

Yahoo finance is ok, but I could not find some mutual funds and pension plans there, so I manage to get the quotes from those 3 sites. I strongly recommend ariva because is lightning fast. I also use the other 2 but for very special occasions because they are slow to give the quote back.

I hereby upload the V1 of the excel file with instructions, the query and 3 examples. Please give it a try and let me know your toughts and recommendations. I have some holidays now and could further develop it although I am not an IT guy ;-)

Hope it helps you as much as it helps me every saturday when reviewing the portfolio evolution.

All the best,


  • Antoni,
    This work is great!. Especially since it starts to re-addresse Mutual Funds quotes.

    I don't want to upset the current Scripts and individual ticker pricing structure, and file rollup method that allows easy access by PortfolioSlicer. (This structure duplicates my "AmiBroker" Symbol file structure, and I hope to one day (?) merge and share a number of other systems together).

    One thing I want to bring up here: Would the XL Add-in "PowerQuery" be of use to scrape and possibly "auto" updates PortfolioSlicer's Data model during each update?
  • Hi,
    thanks for the comments. Appreciate it.

    I am not an expert but I think the scripts manage to get much older data than my Power Query. I can only get the last 30 days or so. So scripts are great for yahoo's, exchange rates and more than 30 days old data. My query is intended to simplificate manual quotes. Yes it would be great to have everything one day (?) under one roof.

    However, I would like to try to automatically update / append the .txt files for manual quotes. In other words, I will try to "automate" the manual txt files but I need to learn first how to do it myself. Still have some more days of holidays to try it :-)

  • Hi again,

    The scripts and the price Data structure are GOLDEN, and should not be restructured.

    What I'm wondering here is if "Power Query" can be made to "Auto-Update" each of your "User-defined Manual Ticker txt file" that the user has created and located inside the "Manual" folder. The " txt files" that are placed inside this "Manual" folder are picked up and used towards the end of the Scripts update sequence. (Quite cool actually).

    Just an FYI regarding the early time data and the "Auto" txt files. The very first time a ticker symbol is set up, and the script goes off to collect data, it returns with everything available from the data supplier (depending on your defined starting date). After that, each new PS update, I believe the scripts first look at the current data point, and then only asks the data supplier ONLY for EOD Data going forward.

    This means if you want to change your "Start Data Date" over in the Script Auto-Update side, you need to remove the existing data file, and let the scripts rebuild everything from scratch - which it does. Be careful when you do this, Most data suppliers correct their ticker prices for Dividends and/or Stock Split effects, so so prices in the far past might start looking a little different.


    ps: Note to Vidas: I hope we are not causing difficulties with your PS project chatting like this. (Be sure to tell us if we are).

  • Hi community,
    I think I managed to write the right script to get "automatic" historical quotes from, generating automatically the .txt files etc. It integrates seamesly with the rest of the scripts, generates the archive files, takes care of the last updated date, etc.

    I have tried it with several symbols (shares and funds) and it worked well.

    I attach a rar file with several files so that, if interested, you can give it a try.

    Instructions to try it out:
    1) Extract the rar file in some temp directory. It should include 3 files.

    2) the file "GetQuotes-Ariva.ps1" should be copied directly to C:\PortfolioSlicer\PSDataExtract\Scripts

    3) all the text included in the file "psFunctions_Additional_Ariva.ps1" , needs to be added at the end of the file "psFunctions.ps1", also located in C:\PortfolioSlicer\PSDataExtract\Scripts

    4) Modify the symbols in the section from the file psconfig.txt . "psConfig_example_Ariva.txt" is just showing 2 examples of symbols from that should be maintained in the psconfig.txt. The first parameter is the symbol name that you would like to have (the manual symbol) and the second one needs to be "found" on their website. For example for Apple, the website is so the second parameter is "apple-aktie"

    5) In the folder C:\PortfolioSlicer\PSDataExtract, we need to add the following command the file UpdatePSData.bat:
    powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass .\Scripts\GetQuotes-Ariva.ps1

    6) And ... that's it. Just refresh as usual (execute UpdatePSData.bat).
    Note that the quotes will now be generated directly in the "C:\PortfolioSlicer\PSDataExtract\Quotes" folder. PS will take care of archiving, etc

    For me it's working fine, but let me know if there is any problem. It should be considered a Beta release.

    @Vidas, if you could give it a try that would be great.

  • Hi,
    just found a mistake and the values in PowerBI are not ok. Please ignore my previous message. When it works better, I'll keep you posted.
    Was a beta!
  • Hi again,
    Found the mistake and fixed it.
    Attached the new rar file. Same comments as 2 messages before.
    Try it our at your own risk. It's a beta release.

  • Hey @Antonifp,

    Do you mind helping me understand how to work the FT parameter? I am not really understanding your instructions well.
  • Sure. I am not using this feature anymore but happy to help. What is the problem? Link was working and is now broken or never managed to make it work?
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