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Accrued Interest in V3

I am looking at migrating to v3 and would like to clarify accrued interest. I have been using that column in 2.4 when buying bonds. What will happen to my data if I copy those transactions to rev 3? You mentioned that this column is ignored in the new version, so how this will be handled?
Kind Regards,


  • Hi Peter,

    I removed accrued interest as it was slowing down all calculations and not a lot of users were using it.
    Instead of the single transaction when you buy bonds, you will have to enter 2 transactions, where the second transaction will be a negative dividend payment equal to the amount of the accrued interest. I am not 100% sure, but I believe this way you should be able the same results as before.
  • Result is the same, I have checked it in the current release. My concern is how the existing entries will be handled by rev 3 during upgrade. If accrued interest is ignored, my existing transactions containing that entry would result in incorrect result. Does it mean that I will need to add extra negative coupon for all of them to preserve accuracy?
  • PeterO, yes you will have to add extra record for all buy transactions.
  • Have done so :'( But it all worked well, no errors and happy to be on rev 3.0 with it's much improved layout. Thanks for your work Vidas, this is a great tool.
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