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Multiple Accounts, Multiple Portfolios


Im a bit new to all this, but managed to get portfolio slicer V3 up and running. Im still not sure how to set a few things up based on my needs though.
I have 4 accounts that are related to all my investments. Lets call them Accounts A, B, C and D.
I use account A to do all my equity invetsmenets . B and C for Crypto investments and D is cash

I have 3 portfolios that I want to track :
retirement - contains investments from accounts A, B, C
child- contains investments from account A
Home- contains investments from account A, B and D

I want to be able to track the overall investments , as well the performance each of the portfolios .

How do I set this up in the excel source workbook?

Thank you


  • Hi,

    You will need to use Account column "Portfolio" to group accounts to your liking. Not all reports have slicers for "Portfolio" (just some), but it would be easy for you to add a new slicer for Portfolio and then link it to existing reports.
  • Hi Vidas,
    Thank you for your feedback . I tried the same , but the issue to me was that I cannot assign the same account to different portfolios. So for me, Account A- a broker account , would have some investments that are related to my retirement portfolio , and also to my emergency fund. If I do the following , Account A in the account column will become red . (can't have the same account more than once)
    I could probably do a separate excel for each portfolio , but i would very much prefer to handle all my portfolios from one work sheet.

  • Hi,

    You cannot have the same account listed twice. But maybe try using Account Group 1..3. For example:
    Account Group1: values "Retirement" and "N/A"
    Account Group2: values "Child" and "N/A
    Account Group3: values "Home" and "N/A"

    For reports you will need to add all 3 slicers and then filter Account Group1 slicer for value "Retirement", get data and then remove filter from there. Then filter "Account Group 2" slicer for value "Child" and after reports are done, remove them. You will get what you want, but will not be very elegant as you will have to remember to remove slicer filters after applying them and before using another slicer.
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