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Setting Up

Hi, New to the program, I must say it is a very good program although it is very tedious to setup for a newbie. Is there an FAQ section that I can go to? I tried to setup using Vidas's youtube video and got to the stage where I can enter my transactions. However, I see on the dashboard some old information from the example file and weird amount of growth and such . Where can I reset these old data cache?


  • Hi, as for a new user I would recommend that you take v3.0 beta and set it up.
    I am not sure why you see some old information, normally if refresh is successfull, then ALL reports would be updated.
    But I also see that your symbol list (bottom report) is empty, so that tells me that you did not properly setup symbols.
    Again, I would try setup v3.0 and then ask questions here.

  • Hi Vidas,

    I did setup the symbols but somehow it did not populate properly. I will try to redo with 3.0. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    Start with just a few symbols and a few transactions. Make sure you are able to refresh and see reasonable data for these few symbols. Then put in effort to add more transactions.
  • Thanks for the quick response! Cheers from Singapore.
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