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Unrlzd Cap Gain - Taxable Only

On the Portfolio Overview sheet, I'd like for the summary pivot table to show realized capital gains only for taxable accounts, and 0 or blank otherwise. The column total would then give me an indication of my future cap gains tax obligation for all taxable account. I don't think I can filter just the Unrlzd Cap Gain column in the pivot table on Account[Tax] status. At least, I can't figure out how to do it. A new measure (Unrlzd Cap Gain Taxed) tailored from the existing Unrlzd Cap Gain measure might be the solution, but I'm not quite sure what's required in the new measure to achieve the tax status conditioning. Any hints?


  • You have 2 options:
    1. Bring Account[Tax] slicer to Overview worksheet and connect it to existing Pivot Table(s)/Chart(s). Then when you select your Tax value, just account that are set with this tax will be showed and Capital gain will be for that selection.
    2. Create new measure, formula would be (assuming you want measure [Unrlzd Cap Gain] and your Tax value is "Taxable" for these taxable accounts:
    =CALCULATE([Unlzd Cap Gain], 'Account'[Tax]="Taxable")

  • edited November 24
    Option 2 is exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!!
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