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error with intraday script

How can i resolv this error
new quotes not found (there is no '' in html that came back)


  • new quotes not found (there is no '' in html that came back)
  • Andre,
    This is not really an "Error". It's likely caused by the Yahoo website moving key variable locations around on their webpage. We just need to wait for the Portfolio Slicer Master scripters to find and post the "Fix" so we can adjust our script files. If you look back in the archives, this has happened a couple times before. (I need to figure out how to do this adjustment ....)
  • The GetQuotes-YahooIntraday.ps1 needs to be updated again.

    $startStr = "active=`"`" data-reactid=`"29`">"; $endStr = "";

    This is around line 40. Search for reactid=29 in your script and replace that line with the above.
  • cannot paste all the error, but look like the same issue in nov 3
    Span Yahoo change again something
  • .... And there is Master Scripter Trenzalore saving our day. Thanks Trenzalore !!!! (See how to do the fix in earlier posts)
  • Oh yeah:
    Canada: reactid=29
    US: reactid=47

  • thanks it work, how can we figure it out by myselt when this append ?
  • no, it dont work, not getting the price
  • my line before

    startStr = ""; $endStr = "";

    should i replace all the line by the new one you give ?

    error in the log

    NOU.V. Next date: 2021-11-30. Quote file: C:\Users\andre\OneDrive\Documents\Document Andre\finances\Investissement\script\PortfolioSlicerDDMScriptsV2.4.16\Quotes\_NOU.V_.txt
    Requesting url:
    ** For Symbol: NOU.V new quotes not found (there is no '' in html that came back)
  • I am replacing the whole line as posted at 12:07. And Like you,, I get my interday Symbol list having:, Date, (no Price), Symbol.
    You can tell if you are winning this task by opening and looking at the "YahooIntraday.txt" file that is located in the "QuoteIntraDay" folder. This file gets renewed on each PS "Refresh".
  • same here, who can help us ? thanks for your reply
  • I'm sure it is being looked into. I am thinking it is a bit different from the earlier "fixes". The good thing (maybe?) is that we should still be getting updated when the end-of-day prices get posted when the market closes.
  • edited November 2021
    If you are in a real hurry to do whatever you are doing, I bet you could open that "YahooInterday.txt" file, add the current interday price between the 2 commas after the date, save the file, then go to Excel and do a refresh and get data at the time you entered it.
    Thinking about it ... I think I would loose the bet. The final file created that gets pulled into excel is created AFTER the YahooInterday.txt is created.
  • My day job has me booked up for a bit so I'm not going to be able to look at this further today. I don't know why, but it is working for me. Also, I'm pretty sure that you don't want to see the damage from today.
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