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Delisting and Renaming a stock

Alimentation Couche-Tard here in Canada making all it's shares into one single class. They use to have ATD.A and ATD.B on the TSX. I owned shares of ATD.B but they are combining and changing the symbol to just ATD.

What is the best way to handle this transaction or change in Portfolio Slicer?


  • Best way to do this for the day of the change:
    1. Transaction for SymbolTransferOut for ATD.B. Specify Qty=, Price - day of transfer out price. Also specify CostBasisOverride - total cost spend on all shares.
    2. Transaction for SymbolTransferIn for ATD. Specify Qty and Price same as in previous transaction and also specify CostBasisOverride.
    3. Make sure you added symbol ATD to PSConfig.txt so you start to get prices.
  • Thank you. Worked well.
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