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Monthly-Symbol Problem

Happy New Year,
I have discovered a clearly incorrect value in the Monthly Symbol tab. Running rev 3. Other symbols appear to be OK. Have difficulties troubleshooting this one as all entries besides Grand Total row appear OK.


  • Hi,

    Could you please confirm what transactions you have for this symbol for 2020-11 month. I suspect this could be related to negative Dividend transaction you have. Could you "play" in your model by:
    1. If first dividend transaction is on the same day as first buy transaction, could you change dividend transaction to one day after buy.
    2. If above is not applicable, could you change dividend transaction to 0, refresh and see if after that problem is gone.
  • 1. Yes, there was a negative dividend entered due to the accrued interest. Changed it to next day and got even mor interesting result :-). Pls refer to the attached screen shot
    2. Changing dividend to zero fixed the problem in the spreadsheet, but I assume effected the overall dividend result. I could reduce the next coupon value by the amount of the accrued interest deducted with the purchase, but this would be a regressive step considering that it worked before?

    Best Regards,
  • Hi Peter,
    For now can you please try to specify first negative dividend date to be first day of next month - if that works that is shortcut for now. I will look to fix it in the next release.
  • Hi Vidas,
    That didn't work as attached screen shot. In fact, I have removed the negative dividend completely and still get incorrect result, with full refresh of data. So perhaps problem is buried somewhere in my data? I have attached screen shot of another security which also had negative dividend and everything there appear OK.

  • edited January 5
    Check to see what value you have in the "MinDate" cell. ("MinDate" is located in cell A4 of the "src" TAB). All the Symbol Prices and Dates in your "Quotes" folder MUST have dates AFTER your declared "PS Minimum Date".
  • Hi Peter,

    I cannot reproduce the problem, but I am now using later version 3.1 and I believe I fixed some issues related to this. I will try to publish or send you for trial new version.
  • That would be great, thanks Vidas.
  • edited January 6
    Hi Peter, can you please try this latest version:

    You just need to download, unzip and refresh data. It should pick up all your flat file data and load into new version.
  • Hi Vidas, thanks for the link and the update. I got the same problem with 3.1
    But I think, I have found the problem and it was in my data file. The error was related to one of my bonds, for which I update prices manually since they are not listed. For this security I had first price entry a day after the purchase date as entered in the Source spreadsheet. I have changed it to match the day of purchase and it fixed the problem. I have then changed the first price entry to an earlier date (first day of the month) and that was still OK. Not sure if this can be "caught" in scripting, but at least I've learned to be careful with my data entry... :-)

    Many thanks again,
  • So I have now confirmed with my own data - all "manual" securities with the first/initial price entry date equal to the day of purchase (or later) showed the issue. Adding price entry with an earlier date fixes the problem.

    Kind Regards,
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