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Where does PS obtain dates for things like "Years-Current", "Years-Previous", etc?

I would like to "freeze" a copy of PS as of the end of the calendar year. However in order to get 12/31/2021 closing quotes, currency exchange rates, as well as some of the last minute transactions, etc. I need to do a "refresh all" after that date - i.e. 1/1/2022. This results in Years-Current being updated to 2022 with YTD values of 0. Is there a way to "freeze" the calculations so Years-Current stays at 2021, Years-Previous at 2020, etc.?


  • When you run PowerShell scripts (.bat file) these scripts create PSData\Dates.csv file with all dates up to today.
    For today you would see last day in that file as 2022-01-01.
    Inside Excel PowerPivot model logic finds latest available date from that file and marks that date as "Current" and from that calculates current Year/Month/Day.
    You can try removing that line from this PSData\Dates.csv file and refresh Excel workbook. This would work if you still do not have Quotes or Currency Exchange infomation for 2022-01-01 or after.
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