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Quotes not working

Not sure how to decribe this.

Running Uodate PSDataIntraday does not work until a day later, Today I only have quotes for the 24th. Further when I refresh the sheet the quotes rendered are from the 20th. There are no errors in the log file for psCheckFiles.

Here is a the results for ABBV from the GetQuote- YahooIntraday dated 5/25/22

Symbol: ABBV. Next date: 2022-05-25. Quote file: C:\Users\canopus\OneDrive\PortfolioSlicer\Quotes\_ABBV_.txt
Requesting url:
Found price: 151.01. Price found between strings 'data-field="regularMarketPrice" data-trend="none" data-pricehint="2" value="' and '"'
13:41:48 --- Finished. Quotes Requested/Succeed/Failed/Rows: 62/62/0/62. Duration: 169 sec.

The price found is from the 20th of May.

Here is the last few quotes from ABBV form the Quotes folder.

Thanks in advance.


  • I am seeing the same thing all this week. Any Intraday quote pulled are not the actual price, but something wildly different, and are not even within the daily hi/low range of the symbol.

    The ones I checked are similar to yours, the Intraday price is pulling the closing price from May 20th.
  • I will check this symbol tomorrow during market hours as to me it appears that it is working properly right now.
  • also
  • I'm seeing this on some symbols too
  • This can also be seen clearly by running intraday before market open.
  • I checked yesterday and just now and I can see that ABBV quote is properly extracted - I see value 152.78 (current value).
    I suspect this is the case of different pages displayed for USA and Canadian yahoo website.
    The people who have this problem - are you from USA?
  • I have this problem and am in Canada. I see it happen in Canadian symbols such as TD.TO
  • I'm from Canada. Notice it on BTE.TO, ENB.TO, ITE.TO and others
  • Now I'm getting quotes but may 25th has disappeard fron my daily tab.
  • @scope11
    I just checked canadian quotes and TD.TO looks good to me.
    Would it be possible for you to email me file in Scripts\Log\SymbolWebpage\TD.TO.txt on your computer scripts folder?
    This file would have all info you are getting from yahoo website and I would like to confirm the data inside.
    My email is posted on this page:

  • @scope11
    Thank you for sending me the file. I can confirm that in the file you send price for TD.TO is older and it is in the location where script is looking for the price. It looks like that Yahoo changed something that now for some users provide older data when requesting in Internet Explorer IE.
    I tried scripts on Windows 11 computer (that was upgraded from Windows 10) and I also tried scripts on different Windows 10 computer- in my case all worked as expected.
    Does any of you have VPN and could temporary change their IP address and run script and see if that fixes issue?
  • @VidasMatelis Thanks for taking a look at my file. I have a VPN, and just connected to a server in US. Re-ran .bat and same result with intraday quotes. Normally my IP is Canada.
  • I'm in Canada. Ran updateintraday from US VPN. No Change.
  • Using Chrome on Windows 7 Pro.
  • It seems pretty sketchy and inconsistent.

    I'm in the US and am having the same problem.

    I connected to Montreal and received prices as of 5/20 -- I then opened a browser and opened yahoo finance and the date for T was 5/20/2022.

    I then connected to Vancouver and the price was current, browser confirmed that the price was for today.
    Then I reconnected to Montreal and the price is now current; the US is now current too.

    This seems to be an issue with Yahoo and not PS. Maybe there is some server caching going on that is not refreshing?

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