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US stock showing high number is CAD.

Bought ARLP at USD 23.85. In holding records this in USD correctly. But in CAD it show 96.83 as cost basis per unit and 32.39 as symbol price.


  • edited November 5
    First, go to Symbols worksheet and check what is the currency assigned to this symbol.
    1. In your CurrExchIntraDay folder check files to see if CAD->USD and USD->CAD exchange rate is reasonable. If not, delete these files and re-run data extracts.
    2. In your CurrExch folder please check the last lines for CAD_USD.txt and USD_CAD.txt files if data is reasonable. If not, delete these lines and re-run extract.
    3. Refresh your PS workbook.

  • There are no files in the curexchangeintraday folder. Not sure if that is normal. Everything else looks OK. I wasn't sure what you meant by data extract. I did back up and re install the scripts file.
  • It is normal that most of the time folder CurrExchIntraDay is empty - it contains just temporary intraday exchange rates that are deleted as soon as proper day exchange rates can be downloaded.
    Are you still experience this problem just for one symbol? If so, first thing to check what is currency assigned to that single symbol.
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